Prof. dr. Anouk M. Rijs
Full Professor and chair in Analytics of Biomolecular Interactions

Other activities: Chair at PCCP , president of the Dutch Mass Spectrometry Society (NVMS)

Dr. Melissa Baerenfaenger
Tenure Track / assistant professor in Mass Spectrometry

Topics: Glycoprotein characteriaztion in neurological development and disease
Methods: protein separation, LC-MS/MS, ion mobility mass spectrometry

Dr. Sjors Bakels
Scientist Mass Spectrometry

Topics: Instrument commissioning: development & testing photo-synapt
Methods: Ion Mobility, Mass Spectrometry, UVPD and IRMPD

Iuliia Stroganova
PhD student

Topics: peptide self-assembly, functional aggregation, influence of peptide capping on aggregation
Methods: IR ion spectroscopy, ion mobility mass spectrometry, droplet-microfluidics

Agathe Depraz Depland
PhD student

Topics: peptide aggregation related to ALS and Parkinson’s Disease, developing aggregation workflows
Methods: ion mobility mass spectrometry (TIMS-TOF), developing UVPD/ion trap and IR-IM-MS

Dave Orlemans
PhD student

Topics: Protein aggregation (Abeta42) related to Alzheimer’s Disease.
Methods: ion mobility mass spectrometry (TIMS-TOF), native-SEC, aggregation conditions

Raya Sadighi
PhD student / Research Technician

Topics: Studying and capturing the early stages of oligomer formation of α‐synuclein
Methods: ion mobility mass spectrometry (TIMS-TOF), native low-flow SEC

Chuck van de Veen
Research Technician

upcoming positions

  • Post-Doc: Summer 2023 (on IM-MS integrated with spectroscopy)
  • PhD position : (1) investigate the role of glycoproteins in neurodegenerative diseases using mass spectrometry

Students @ VU Amsterdam

Current Bachelor & Master Students:
– Master (2022/2023): Thaleia Tente, Hannah Willenberg, Stefania Mikromanolis, Sirgouney Karijodikoro, Maxime Gerber, Stephanie Downey

Previous students (2020-2022)
– Bachelor: (2020/2021) Jose Nijman, Mandon Cheung (2021/2022) Lea van Dissel
– Master: (2021/2022) Christine Mathiesen, Rob Reus, Kevin Hes


Dr. Samantha Hughes (VU Amsterdam, Environment & Health)

Prof.dr. Perdita Barran (University of Manchester)

Prof. dr. Mike Bowers (UCSB)

Prof. dr. Isabelle Compagnon (Universite de Lyon)

Prof.dr. Wilhelm Huck (Radboud University)

Previous group members (PhDs, post-docs, technicians)

Ludovica Scutumella

Bas van der Velde

Sander Lemmens

Denis Morsa

Vasyl Yatsyna

Daniel Bakker

Arghya Dey

Bin Yan

Sander Jaeqx

Simon Smolarek