Prof.dr. Anouk M. Rijs
Full Professor and chair in Analytics of Biomolecular Interactions
Deputy Chair at PCCP

You? Tenure Track / assistant professor in Mass Spectrometry
interested? Please apply here before April 16th 2021!

Iuliia Stroganova
PhD student (@VU Amsterdam)

Topics: peptide self-assembly, functional aggregation, influence of peptide capping on aggregation
Methods: IR ion dip spectroscopy, ion mobility mass spectrometry, droplet-microfluidics

Agathe Depraz Depland
PhD student (@VU Amsterdam)

Topics: peptide aggregation related to Parkinson’s Disease, developing aggregation workflows
Methods: ion mobility mass spectrometry (TIMS-TOF), developing UVPD/ion trap and IR-IM-MS

Sjors Bakels
PhD student (@FELIX/Radboud)

Topics: peptide self-assembly, functional aggregation, developing aggregation on the fly-source
Methods: IR ion dip spectroscopy, laser desorption for aggregation, far-IR and THz spectroscopy

Sander Lemmens
PhD student (@FELIX/UvA)

Topics: astrochemistry: PAH characterization, IR signatures, anharmonicity in PAHs, PAH formation
Methods: IR-UV ion dip spectroscopy, laser desorption, discharge-experiments

upcoming positions

  • tenure track/assistant professor in BioAnalytical Chemistry / Mass Spectrometry: open (see above)
  • research technician: hiring phase
  • Post-Doc: open for applications
  • PhD position starting summer/autumn 2021

Students @ VU Amsterdam

Bachelor: Jose Nijman, Mandon Cheung


Dr. Samantha Hughes (HAN BioCentre)

Prof.dr. Perdita Barran (University of Manchester)

Prof. dr. Mike Bowers (UCSB)

Prof. dr. Isabelle Compagnon (Universite de Lyon)

Previous group members (PhDs and post-docs)

Denis Morsa
Vasyl Yatsyna
Daniel Bakker
Arghya Dey
Bin Yan
Sander Jaeqx
Simon Smolarek